Welcome to Punch… Ideas that connect. This is the site where I am able to showcase my many interests and businesses in one location.

As the world changes and old paths intermingle with new ones, I feel the need to explain myself in a multilateral fashion.

Some know me as an “ad guy” or the “magazine guy” from “that little book” that has become popular in our small region of the world.

My friends from back home in Illinois and Wisconsin simply think I’m self-unemployed.

All are true, but the more complete picture must include my other passions of woodworking and photography. I spent many years in the world of big advertising at the Leo Burnett agency in Chicago where as an art director, I worked with the best photographers of the day, and learned a lot from watching. I also spent spare hours teaching myself how to make furniture pieces. Later I studied under a master woodworker to learn how to do it right.

My current journey finds me on all these paths at once, made possible by the Internet, Social Media Marketing, and all the new ways to connect that didn’t exist as I began my career.

Please browse thru these pages, and by all means contact me if you are interested in purchasing my furniture or photography.

When you see me around the area, say hello. Or just shoot me an email. Maybe you’ll have an idea for a furniture piece you’d like me to make, or a photo you’d like me to take.

I look forward to connecting with you and hearing your ideas.

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