A House With a Name

My house has a name ~ Jasmine Bower.

It was given that name because this 1832 home once had a front yard full of every possible variety of flowering Jasmine. The fragrance must have been amazing on a warm Georgia evening.

The Jasmine Bower House

The Jasmine Bower House/ Shady Dale, Ga.

The Jasmine vines are now gone. The legend blames the family doctor who insisted they must be cut down to keep their poisonous fumes from sickening the children.

I am so lucky to live in Georgia, surrounded by historical structures that have stories to tell. Just gazing at the stately antebellum homes in Covington and Madison transports me to a time
long ago.

The past is slippery, though. Hundreds of old Georgia homes are fading away through the ravages of time and neglect. I would like to save them all. Maybe,collectively we can, one at a time.

The Georgia Trust for Historic Preservation is helping in a big way by identifying endangered properties across the state.

I photographed one such property known as the Sayre-Alford House in the town of Sparta. It was recently purchased through the Georgia Trust for $80,000. It will take a good deal of investment to bring it back to its previous glory, but well worth it for the homeowner, the town of Sparta, and dozens of craftsmen honored with the task of rebuilding the past.

Sayre-Alford House

The Sayre-Alford House / Sparta, Ga.

Mark McDonald, the President of the Georgia Trust says, “historic preservation is an unparallelled tool for community revitalization and economic development.” Investments in historic properties put cash back into communities, create jobs for skilled artisans, and create a “unique sense of space and vitality.”

In Madison, the Georgia Trust has facilitated the sale of a Victorian era cottage in the ‘West Washington Street Gateway.’ This house and commercial property around it are the first part of a 400 acre Urban Redevelopment Program overseen by Madison City Planner, Monica Callahan. She explains, “Madison’s long range, 20-year master redevelopment plan is getting a big jump start thanks to this little Victorian cottage.”

Madison has the largest historic district in the state of Georgia.


Now - but is set for Re-hab

I feel privileged when working on my old house, repairing the ancient shutters or thinking about restoring the Jasmine gardens.

If you are thinking of purchasing a home, maybe consider an old one. There are lots of old homes that have not been identified by the Georgia Trust. Houses with names like ‘The Old Brady Place,’ or ‘Windy Hill. Old homes with stories to tell, that need new families to tell them to.

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