Advertising and Publishing

Punch Advertising Logo Punch Advertising Inc. was originally conceived in 1997 and established as a corporation in 1998.

Punch had a nice run in our office in Atlanta until the tech bubble burst. I remember packing boxes in our office as the planes hit the twin towers.

It has remained a running corporation ever since and has been the umbrella for many business ventures. I have continued to do marketing projects and advertising for local businesses in the Covington, Rutledge and Madison Georgia area.

I have published the ‘About Covington to Madison Magazine’ under the Punch Corporation since 2005 and in January of 2011 I joined forces with Nicole Rushin to re-brand the Punch name.

Nicole has been writing for the About Magazine for over three years and has become self educated in internet marketing by immersing herself in the media and promoting her brand as a writer.

Nicole and I recently worked with Jacob Lindsey on a commercial for the City of Covington. Check out The Covington Cottages Page to see the commercial.

We also did some graphics and writing work for Town 220 Restaurant (as a side note – we did not design their website). Nicole and I continue to collaborate on ads for the magazine and currently manage some marketing for Freeman’s Low Country Restaurant. Nicole is  a writer who also offers services for private social media and blog consulting You can find her blog, ‘Writing as Loud as I Can’ at

I have been in Advertising since 1972 and I have found the businesses who are the most consistent with their messages are the ones who come out on top.

Advertising does not work with spotty appearances in newspapers, magazines or occasional social media updates. Business owners who know their market, know where to find them and continuously keep their name in front of them rise above the others.

I am available for logo and graphic design work and commercial photography.

Together we continue to help businesses bridge the gap between traditional and new media.

Ideas that Connect,

Reed Allen  &  Nicole Rushin

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