Since 2005 Punch has produced the About Covington to Madison Magazine (way back then it was called “About Newton” actually), and in that time we have produced hundreds of ads. Here are a couple of recent ads we like:

Montessori School of Covington

A big part of the Montessori education is encouraging the children work together as part of a natural learning process, as demonstrated here.


Sherwood’s Flowers & Gifts

Known for its “freshest flowers” Sherwood’s is also a gift store, and uses bright and colorful ads to show off their fun and festive seasonal merchandise.


Newton Package Shop

Our Mother’s Day issue is a big one for our advertisers, including Newton Package Shop.


Barkin’ Dogs Shoes and Amelia’s

Coupon ads are a mainstay of many local retailers, and these two make an interesting story. First Barkin’ Dogs decided to try a 20% Off ad. It was so successful in bringing in new customers that Amelias decided to try it in the next ACTM issue. The two stores are actually side-by-side on Main Street in Madison, even sharing an interior passageway. So it was only natural to run these two ads side-by-side in the magazine. The result? Both stores have been enjoying double-digit acquisitions of new customers each month they have run this promotion.

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