Commercial Photography

Food to Fashion & More

With the About Covington to Madison Magazine, we routinely provide photography at no additional cost to the advertiser when it is part of the ad concept. However, we are available for any manner of commercial assignments. Pacho’s, for example, hires us to do all their photography for their menus. Here’s a small sampling of what Punch (Reed) can do with a photography assignment:

Pacho’s Mexican Grill

We have perfected a cost-effective way for Pacho’s to have new photography that showcases the high quality of their unique Mexican dishes. We will typically photograph 15 to 25 new menu items at a time, shot in the restaurant between peak meal periods.



Here are a couple from Brendale’s, a long-time loyal advertiser with About Covington to Madison Magazine. The image above was composed of several individual shots of jeans, sky, clothesline and clothespins. It was done to promote a mid-summer jeans sale. The lower image is a single photo showing how Brendale’s has incorporated a shop-in-shop Pandora® jewelry outlet within their retail space.


Town 22o Catering

This image was concepted by Punch to be the emotional eye-catching visual to marketing pieces we created to promote Town 220 Restaurant’s catering business for weddings. The young actress is Hallie-Gray Beasley, a bona fide Hollywood actress, most recently appearing in the movie “Hall Pass.” She is also the granddaughter of Brendale’s co-owner Brenda Pugh.


Town Center Breads Cafe Tapas Night

As with the Pacho’s photography, we are able to capture rich, appetizing images on site at the restaurant, without disrupting business.


The Silver Fox

The Silver Fox in Madison has allowed us to capture some beautiful fashion photos of their apparel, as in this photo, takes just around the corner from their store.

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