Graphic Design

Graphic design is always a part of advertising and the visual communications/marketing field. Punch provides original graphic design to create logos, ads, posters and other impactful visuals to help your company get noticed.

Here are a sampling of posters we have designed for our clients:

10th Annual Sunflower Farm Festival

This year’s Sunflower Farm Festival was the first one to be a 3-day festival versus the traditional 2 days. It was also the 10th annual. We created this visual to depict the 10th annual festival to be the “biggest ever.”


Rutledge Downhome Soiree

As a prelude to its Country Fair, the city of Rutledge decided to hold an evening of entertainment as a fund raiser. Dubbed the “Downhome Soiree,” this poster encouraged one and all to participate in the event. Using a vintage illustration from a 1939 World’s Fair poster, the feeling was fun, festive and a bit quirky. The event was a huge success with several important donors signing on the the fund raiser, and as they say in the country, “a good time was had by all.”


Downtown Covington “Independence In The ParkConcert”

Covington wanted to create an image that combined the excitement of the 4th of July with the look and feel of a 1960’s rock concert. Punch created this image which doubled both as an ad in About Covington to Madison Magazine, and as a poster that was placed in business throughout the area to promote the event.



Here’s one we did for ourselves to get across the idea that times have changed with the advent of social media and its impact on traditional advertising/marketing efforts.

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