Furniture Gallery

All the pieces on this page are for sale or can be reproduced.

Please email me at – for pricing or further details.

Reclaimed Barnwood Cup Board

Reclaimed Barnwood Cup Board This piece of reclaimed

barnwood came from an old

barn doorframe. I added some

Shaker pegs and it hangs over

the fireplace to keep our mugs

warm for hot morning coffee.


‘En Plein Air’ Writing Desk

'En Plein Air' Writing Desk

'En Plein Air' Writing Desk

The desk top is made from recycled

Heart Pine Barn wood.

The Side Aprons are Ambrosia Maple

and the legs are Walnut.

The shelf is Ambrosia Maple supported

by Cedar Twigs.

32″ wide 20″ deep 48″ high

the writing surface is 29″ high

'En Plein Air' Writing Desk


Step Stools

Woodworking by Reed Allen

Ambrosia Maple Step Stool

Woodworking by Reed Allen

Handmade Step Stools

Step Stools can be made with or without the vintage decals.

They can also be custom made to color, wood or height specifications.


A.H. Stephens Reproduction Bench

Woodworking by Reed Allen

A.H. Stephens Reproduction Bench

Authentic reproduction benches from the Alexander Stephens House in Crawfordville, Ga.

They are also available in sets of two

Made from thick wide pine boards locally milled and kiln dried.


Red Stripe Table 2

This table has a top of reclaimed heart pine barnwood with only the middle portion bearing red paint. It is very similar to Red Stripe Table 1 which was purchased by Betsy and Sandy Morehouse for one of the Burge Plantation guest houses.

It is currently on display and for sale at Van Go’s Art Studio in Covington, Ga.


Ambrosia Top Coffee Table –

This coffee table has an identical base to the Red Stripe Table 2 above, including the twisted oak sapling stretcher. The difference is that the top is of ambrosia maple. Ambrosia maple takes its name from the ambrosia beetle which lays eggs in the maple tree, causing little holes, usually in pairs. A fungus enters thru the holes and creates distinctive figures in the wood. Some woodworkers call it “ghost maple” because the figures tend to look like ghosts flying thru the wood.


Railroad Spike Clothes Rack – Special Orders taken

I’ve always liked railroad stuff, and living on the edge of a disused rail line, I have a ready supply of spikes. These racks are 22″ x 5″ and each has 3 authentic railroad spikes for clothes hooks plus tw0 vintage railway line logos. The wood is solid cherry and the backs have hardware and wall bumpers making them ready to hang. Great in an entryway or boy’s bedroom.

Currently in stock: Union Pacific and B&O; Seaboard Railroad and Western Pacific; Santa Fe and Atlantic Coast Line; Flagler System and New York, New Haven and Hartford Railroad.

In production: Wabash Railroad and Indiana Southern; Milwaukee Road and Soo Line


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